People often ask me - "What genre do you write."

I find it hard to come up with a proper answer, because, being a ditzy senior, I write whatever comes into my head - and that could be anything!

I like to see a wild idea, a great character, a gripping plot, or a sinister scene develop into a story. I need a challenge!
Consequently I have written children's adventure, women's fiction, romantic drama, cozy fiction, urban fantasy, mystery, humourous chick-lit, historical drama, linked short stories, novellas, and of course my travel memoirs.

Gradually you will see all my novels appear on these pages!  What fun!


ESCAPE to Santorini - E Book
Contemporary women's fiction/romantic drama.

When Mary Illingford decides to escape from her vicious husband Paul, her daughter Jenni helps her flee to her friends Eleni and Julia on the island of Santorini, Greece. Jenni and Marios, Eleni's son, fall in love and are challenged by the differences in their cultures. But Paul, in trouble with the law, resolves to find Mary and Jenni, his violent chase inevitably leading him to Santorini...
Escape to Santorini investigates the formation of overseas friendships through the internet, and their extension into real life.

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Book One in the Never a Dull Moment Series - Contemporary women's fiction/romantic drama/chick-lit

When single Mum Henrietta Pittman challenges her writers group to complete a novel in 30 days she encounters unforeseen difficulties. Can she write The Chocolate Affair despite the distractions of sexy co-writer Matt Watson and his novel Drop Dead Blonde; daughters Louise and Allie with their teenage angst and disasters; and boss Jay Franklin and his garden business? All bets are off when Matt disappears in strange circumstances at a crucial moment, leaving behind an unexpected legacy. Can Henny face the future without him?

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Marigold's Luck - E Book
Book Two in the Never a Dull Moment Series - Contemporary women's fiction/humorous romantic drama/chick-lit

Be careful what you lie about, for lies can twist back to truths. When two intractable cousins set out on a world trip together, things are bound to become unstuck. Marigold Sheppard's lie takes her away from Greece and Lainie Greenwood when she follows amiable Jeremy Sandford to London. She soon finds herself out of her depth in a difficult learning curve, a life-changing deception, and love.

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One Greek Summer - E book
Book Three in the Never a Dull Moment Series - Contemporary women's fiction/humorous romantic drama/chick-lit

Arriving on the lovely Greek island of Naxos, Lainie Greenwood takes the job of housekeeper to Greek/Canadian businessman, Andreas Galanis. Andy has his problems - his beautiful grasping partner, a haunting secret, and a son with an unhappy phobia. As Lainie combines with Andy to help young Jamie, she begins to find love and fulfillment, and peace from her own inner conflict.

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Queen of the Castle - E Book
Book Four in the Never a Dull Moment Series - Contemporary women's fiction/humorous romantic drama/chick-lit

Working in London as secretary to the irascible Robert Campbell, Caroline MacDonald is told to fly to Scotland to help her boss sort out problems behind his inheritance of a Scottish castle. But strange things happen during a blizzard when they are forced to work together. Can they forget their differences and find love, while searching for answers to the secrets hidden in the castle?

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MEN...and all that NONSENSE - E Book
Book Five in the Never a Dull Moment Series - Contemporary women's fiction/humorous romantic drama/chick-lit

When Olivia Browning’s sister steals her boyfriend, she shifts north to move in with five fun-loving friends. Becoming embroiled in their romantic entanglements does not help her own, for Liv’s attraction to Tom Westbury puts her new job, and Tom’s business, in direct conflict. Parting from Tom becomes inevitable. But behind the scenes her friends plot to bring them together again.

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Crossroads - E Book
 Book Six in the Never a Dull Moment Series - Contemporary women's fiction/humorous romantic drama

When Shannon Hunt meets entertainer Marshall Fielding on a flight to Australia, both face a crossroad in their lives. Shann is unhappy after a personal tragedy; Marsh has survived a grueling Asian tour. Their new relationship tackles Marsh’s vengeful ex-girlfriend; his career paranoia; and Shann’s reluctance to commit to a new liaison. Can fate intervene to bring them to the crossroads together?

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A Novella - Eight short stories with a link to Greece - Contemporary women's fiction with romance, humour and a little bit of drama.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, is watching over the characters in the “The Greek Connection”. How is Greece responsible for Maria’s heritage, Jo’s choice, Amanda’s fulfillment, Charles’s dilemma, Anna’s decision, and Bella’s cooking paranoia? Does a visit to Crete bring Gramps closure? And will a return to 1650BC on Santorini result in love? You’ll enjoy finding out when you read these eight stories.  (And "Marigold's Luck" and "One Greek Summer" are brought together for a fun ending.)

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What Are Friends For? - E Book
A Novella - Introduction to the Rosanne Stories - Contemporary Humorous Cozy Fiction

Rosanne, Dorrie, Ethel and Charmaine are four Seniors – friends – each battling with their own problems. Why shouldn’t they battle together? A humorous introduction to four ditzy, loveable, oldies… If you like Cozy fiction you'll love this.

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Continuation of the Rosanne Stories - Humorous Cozy Fiction

Christmas is imminent. Ethel decides to festoon the front of the new house and garden with Christmas themed decorations. It’s not as easy as it seems, but Ivan and Bert, new friends, help in their own shambolic way. As Christmas Day approaches, each day throws up a new challenge. If it's not Rosanne’s dysfunctional children, Cherise and Shane, it's the visiting, nightclubbing, football team, Raelene’s pool party, or Roland Ramsay, the wannabe Formula 1 driver, and his talkative budgerigar. Delia’s delicious, but almost lethal Christmas treat, Berry Splurge, and Aurora Hepplethwaite’s manic Reading and Discussion Circle ensure it’s a laugh a minute! Cozy fiction at its best.

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Children's Books

Max and the Gang Of Five - Paperback
Children's Adventure story

Monifieth Maximilian is a pedigree Burmese cat. One day he jumps the back fence and his life is never the same. Four other cats join him in his pledge to rid his town of the dreaded rat, Ragglewort. A funny and fast-moving story for children 7-12 (and their Mums and Dads), Max and the Gang of Five is an adventure over fences and through grass, swamps and rivers. It will entertain readers about friendship, teamwork, and how to clean burrs from their fur.

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 Max and the Gang Of Five - E Book
  Children's Adventure story

As above - Max's same story (with a new cover) to read on a Kindle!

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