I’m delighted you’ve chosen to look in and connect with me and my work, and to glance at my work-in-progress.

I love writing. I’ve always written. At age six I composed poetry and later submitted for the school magazine. I once wrote a pantomime for a dance company. I contributed a terrible sketch for a revue, devised a stage adaptation of the lives of Gilbert & Sullivan through their music and edited a musical society newsletter. I wrote a column in an antique magazine about funny things that happened on the way to the antique fair, and another about the antique markets of London. I reviewed art exhibitions and edited a motor magazine. Stuff like that.

But I’ve only become purposeful about my writing recently. I’m now writing travel articles and memoirs, plus fiction novels - a serious challenge but one from which I'm deriving a great deal of pleasure. Learning "the trade" is an amazing journey, during which I’ve met some wonderful fellow travellers. I’m a bit of a doer and a goer and I take my notebook with me, so I write a great deal of what I see and smell and taste and experience. I’m not a great talker, but I’m a great observer.

Which leads me to my photography - well, pictures are memories to be shared. I have extensive galleries of pix in which you may or may not be interested, but I love them and I keep them here on my site so I won’t lose them. You’re welcome to browse, even purchase if you wish. I’ve been told they frame up well!

Please contact me here. I enjoy comments and discussion.

Me on a Harley. Go girl.







Launch of Max and the Gang of Five with my illustrator, granddaughter Lucy.

Hogwarts? Damn. Somebody else thought of it first.

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